19 juin 2008

Orlando - Virginia Woolf

The beautiful, glittering name fell out of the sky like a steel–blue feather. She watched it fall, turning and twisting like a slow–falling arrow that cleaves the deep air beautifully. He was coming, as he always came, in moments of dead calm; when the wave rippled and the spotted leaves fell slowly over her foot in the autumn woods; when the leopard was still; the moon was on the waters, and nothing moved in between sky and sea. Then he came.

All was still now. It was near midnight. The moon rose slowly over the weald. Its light raised a phantom castle upon earth. There stood the great house with all its windows robed in silver. Of wall or substance there was none. All was phantom. All was still. All was lit as for the coming of a dead Queen. Gazing below her, Orlando saw dark plumes tossing in the courtyard, and torches flickering and shadows kneeling. A Queen once more stepped from her chariot.

Virginia Woolf - Orlando (1928)

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Blogger KaG dit ...

Dalida n'a pas écrit un truc sur Orlando, aussi ?


19 juin, 2008 07:03  
Anonymous A.Y dit ...

Orlando à plumes...ah ah ah...je deviens fan de tes posts psychédéliques mister luc.

19 juin, 2008 08:44  
Anonymous Mathilde P dit ...

en plus il attend une reine morte ... une Queen!
Tt ça me donne envie de faire une ola! pour Max Guazzini (allez le SZF!!!)

21 juin, 2008 20:30  
Anonymous Elle même dit ...

le SF merdouille...

21 juin, 2008 20:30  

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